September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017

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Building Big Legs

September 5, 2017


Big legs are the foundation to any top quality physique, it’s equivalent to the foundations of a home - What is a home without big and strong foundations?



To many, the belief that you have to perform endless sets of squats is actually, in my opinion, a giant misconception. Speaking anecdotally, Squats are last on my list when it comes to my own training, and I’m proud of my wheels!


Are Squats a waste of time?

Let’s get this clear, am I saying squats are a waste of time? No. Not at all. But what I am saying, is that there are many other exercises that are just as, if not, more efficient in your pursuit of gaining bigger legs. Squats DO have a place in leg training, after all, they are a testosterone inducing compound exercise, so by all means, keep them in your training regime.

However, I firmly believe that in order to create big, strong and well proportioned legs, you mustn’t neglect isolation exercises, machines, bodyweight exercises and the use of smart training methods.


Other Exercises

When it comes to leg training, there are plenty of exercises one can do. My personal favourites include; Leg presses, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Squat machines and the master of all, Lunges! Speaking of lunges, why would I put them above squats? Because they are gruelling to perform and taxing on the body. As anybody that has grabbed a bar or pair of dumbbells and decided to execute walking lunges would know, it’s painful! Walking lunges engage every muscle in your leg, and in my experience, activate more muscle fibres than squats. In addition, there isn’t as much stress put on the spine, especially if you use dumbbells to lunge with, instead of a bar.


Leg Training Methods

I suggest using a mixture of high & low repetitions for leg training whilst also switching between heavy and light weights. If you think logically, your legs are used to supporting your body on a daily basis, everything we do is through our legs. This leads me to believe that our legs require the use of heavy weights BUT with plenty of reps OR a high number of sets. As a result, I personally tend to use a lot of supersets and dropsets in my own leg days. These training methods combined with heavy weights and plenty of reps, will leave your legs swollen, pumped and crying out for protein to create growth.


Next time you train legs, swap your endless sets of squats for leg presses, lunges & extensions. If you’re feeling hardcore, why not try all 3 as a superset?


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     Photography by Qandrew